Interesting Links:

Other Lutheran Links:
Christian News - The website for the Christian News weekly newspaper.
Reclaim News - A website dedicated to reclaiming church and ministry in the LCMS as described by C.F.W. Walther
Lutherquest Discussion Group -
The Confessional Lutheran Homepage -
Texas Confessional Lutherans -
CAT41 - Confess and Teach for Unity
Consensus - A group organized to promote confessional Lutheran teachings and practice within the LCMS.
Crisis in the LCMS - A website devoted to recent issues in the LCMS
Scholia - A variety of resources and devotions for visitors, laymen, pastors, and teachers.
The Luther Academy - dedicated to the preservation and promotion of genuine confessional Lutheran theology
Repristination Press - A list of hard to find confessional books and resources
Concord - An association of confessional Lutherans in Texas
Reformation Today - A website devoted to current issues in the LCMS
The Book of Concord - An online version of the Lutheran confessions
Gottesdienst - A website devoted to maintaining evangelical Lutheran liturgy
The Lutheran Heritage Foundation - A confessional Lutheran missionary ministry
Concordia Theological Seminary - Fort Wayne - One of the seminaries of the LCMS
Lutherans for Life - A pro-life organization of lutherans
Project Wittenberg - A compendium of electronic Lutheran texts
Logia - A journal of Lutheran Theology
The Lutheran Hymnal - A collection of midi files and lyrics from the Lutheran Hymnal
Other Sites of Interest:
Institute for Creation Research - A website devoted to biblical creationism.
Answers in Genesis - One of the largest websites devoted to biblical creationism.
The Creation Research Society - A website devoted to biblical creationism.
KFUO - Radio station website affiliated with the LCMS.
Christian Classics Ethereal Library - A compendium of classic Christian writings in electronic format including writings from many viewpoints.
Portals of Prayer - Daily Devotions

Note: While the links above are believed to contain useful information, we do not necessarily endorse the viewpoints they express.

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